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The Holkars conferred the title of Rao Raja upon Nandlal's family.

The family retained its possessions of royalty, in addition to the right of performing the first puja of Dushera (Shami Pujan) before the Holkar rulers.

On , the Nizam accepted the rights of the Maratha Peshwa Baji Rao I to collect chauth (taxes) from the area.

In 1733, the Peshwa assumed the full control of Malwa, and appointed his commander Malhar Rao Holkar as the Subhedar (Governor) of the province.

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Indore served as the capital of the Madhya Bharat from 1950 until 1956.Kampel was administered by the Ujjain sarkar (government) of Malwa Subah (province).