Sql 2016 replication immediate updating subscription

27-Nov-2017 10:47

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Replication offers the best opportunity to preserve a copy of the data in another instance, server also in large geographical distance.These offers through replication components, architectures, services which will se below, the functioning of all these is shown in the figure.Filters in set/block of data are possible in rows and columns.it is the main unit of replication without it will not be able to think replication.It incurs a high degree of latency and site autonomy, because the publications are only refreshed periodically.The snapshot method replicates sizable publications infrequently.The data to be replicated is defined by using three core components: among a various high-availability technologies replication in that has a ability to make only a portion of a database redundant.

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Maintain the master copy of the data within a replication architecture.You then create publication over the same set of tables on DB2 and replicate them back to DB1.Peer-to-Peer has a very strict list of requirements: Each peer must have its own distributor The table structure must be exactly the same among all peers Queued updating and immediate updating options are not available No data conflicts can occur No filtering is slightly different from peer-to-peer replication in the way you configure it.begins with a initial snapshot being applied to the subscriber to ensure that two databases is synchronized.

As a subsequent transactions are issued against the publisher, the replication engine applies to the subscriber.The publisher and subscriber are normally not connected at all times with this method of replication.

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