Javascript inline global parameter not updating

06-Jul-2017 11:23

Functions SHOULD be called with no spaces between the function name, the opening parenthesis, and the first parameter.There SHOULD be one space between commas and each parameter, and there SHOULD NOT be a space between the last parameter, the closing parenthesis, and the semicolon.You'd still be writing key/value pairs and smooshing files together in a build process. I don't think you could say the cascade is entirely gone, because some styles are inherited so styles can still be passed down to child elements and that's one definition of cascade.It will be different, but the authoring abstraction is still there. But the module-ish nature of this style of development likely leads to less overlapping style concerns.We must bind event listeners to elements on the page.We must update elements on the page from our Java Script.

Non-JSDoc comments SHOULD use capitalized sentences with punctuation.All variables SHOULD be declared at the beginning of a function.Each variable assignment SHOULD be declared on a separate line - including variables that are only declared but do not get a value assigned.You could certainly attribute some of the success of to that fact. If you want/need style to change based on dynamic conditions (states) on your site, it may make sense to handle the styling related to the state change along with everything else.

In a recent talk at CSS Conf (slides), Colin Megill used the example of the Twitter new tweet input textarea as a dynamic place that changes the state of other elements.

In type comparisons, the value tested MUST NOT be wrapped in parenthesis.