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I am definitely a pack rat with my hair care products.I try so many different products in any given year I often have dozens of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and styling products stacked up in my shower, on the rim around the bathtub, on the floor outside the shower and under the sink. Sometimes I’ll use a product just once and decide it just won’t work for my hair type, texture, condition and length.You don't have to wash your hair every day, and all it takes is a pea size in the palm of your hair.I've used it now for almost three months and my hair has never been softer, nor more manageable.Go With Sprays And Controlled Packaging One trick to minimize shelf life deterioration is to only buy hair care products which are packaged in spray containers.In the hair care industry hair care products which are packaged in individual sealed potions or in sealed containers will last much longer than products which are not.

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Free shipping offer not valid on prior purchases or orders going to AK, HI, P. A great solution for frizzy, rough, unmanageable, entangled and dry hair, this serum from Matrix can work wonders for your tresses, giving you lively and lush hair.