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19-Jun-2017 13:01

And I have always enjoyed being able to make people happy.

Unfortunately, it's always seemed to be that when you step into the political realm, you don't get the benefit of the doubt any more. Following the election, I wasn't happy with the result.

I didn't say interesting things.''Taking such a public stance is unusual in the Olympic sports realm, where active athletes often refrain or are discouraged from making political statements by their sponsors and governing bodies, and are formally barred from doing so on the field of play at the Games themselves.

(One outspoken exception is six-time Olympic shooting medalist and gun-rights advocate Kim Rhode, who addressed the 2012 GOP convention and last summer openly backed then-candidate Donald Trump.) White, who is married to 2006 Olympic ice dance silver medalist Tanith Belbin White, says he has felt no external pressure to censor himself.

He still makes his living in the figure skating realm as a performer, commentator and occasional choreographer.

He realizes some may think he's on thin ice, whether or not he and Davis ever compete again.

I've long been interested in politics, but I never expected myself to become a political commentator, objector or relatively outspoken person one way or the other.

It had less to do with being an athlete and more to do just with the fact that I really have worked hard for people to like me.

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When we are home, we are on the ice together, just about every day in Canton."They are getting ready to perform in the upcoming Stars on Ice tour, which starts Dec.30 in Lake Placid, N. They are no longer being coached full-time by Marina Zoueva, who guided them to Olympic gold, so they are trying to come up with different programs on their own, choreographing themselves.I've gotten so comfortable with my go-to answers regarding sport and figure skating.

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